With its thick wooded areas and sparkling lakes, the upper eastern corner of Texas stands out as one of the most scenic spots in the state. Its charming small towns, rich history, and plentiful natural beauty combine to make the region a great place to live. Many other factors combine to make it a wonderful place to work as well. If you’re looking to relocate to Texas, read on to learn more about the Upper East Texas region.

Industry powerhouse: Many of the top ten industries in the Upper East region of Texas tend to center on natural resources. Some of these industries include mining, oil and gas, wood product manufacturing, forestry and logging, paper manufacturing, leather manufacturing, petroleum and coal, and animal production and aquaculture. Heavy and civil engineering and construction are also strong industries in Upper East Texas.

Natural wonders: The Upper East Region of Texas is also known as the Piney Woods, thanks to the dense pine forests that cover the area. It’s a great place to camp, hunt, and hike. Big Thicket National Preserve has 40 miles of hiking trails, with much of that covered in gorgeous, natural canopies. Tyler, Texas—the rose capital of the world—processes 3 out of every 4 roses that are bought in the United States. The Tyler Municipal Rose Garden is open 7 days a week, year-round. There are also plenty of large lakes, great for water sports, boating, and fishing.

Animal Kingdom: From freshwater fish to dairy cows, the Upper East region of Texas is an important place for animals. Animal production and aquaculture are major industries here, but there are other animal attractions around for education and entertainment. The Southwest Dairy Museum and Learning Center in Sulphur Springs operates in an educational and promotional capacity for the dairy industry. The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC), located in Athens, is a popular attraction for fishing enthusiasts. TFFC is home to a hatchery, a lab, an aquarium, and education center that focuses on underwater wildlife that lives in the streams, ponds, and lakes of Texas. These attractions point to the great appreciation felt in this region for the riches of the land around it.

To market, to market: You know how they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” It is. In Canton, there’s a world-famous market in which features thousands of vendors selling a wide variety of items. From clothes to crafts to jewelry and antiques, First Monday Trade Days has been likened to the world’s biggest flea market. It’s one of the oldest markets in the US, as it has been in operation for more than 150 years.

Educational opportunities: Having a collection of higher education institutions in a region can be beneficial for so many reasons. In Upper East Texas, there are seven universities, including The University of Texas at Tyler, LeTourneau University, and Texas A&M at Texarkana. There are also nine junior and community colleges close by. Colleges can really infuse a region with activity as well as plenty of graduates to eventually join the local booming Texas workforce.

Celebrate good times: There are many fun traditions in the small towns around Texas. The city of Athens hosts many yearly events such as the Texas Fiddlers Contest and Reunion and the East Texas Arboretum Spring Fling. The city of Mount Pleasant hosts the Titus County Fair and the Texas Bluegrass Festival each year. Celebrations like this can make for close-knit, dynamic communities.

Good for business: Upper East Texas is home to large industrial sites, major biomedical research parks, and a skilled workforce. Its infrastructure offers advantages for businesses that would benefit from access to Mexico and Canada as well as to the East and West Coasts.

You can get around: Texas is such a centrally located state with some great infrastructure for transportation. Three regional airports are in Upper East Texas, including East Texas, Texarkana, and Tyler Pounds regional airports. Three major interstates are also in the area: I-20, I-30, and I-49.

Texas-sized business incentives: Many incentives exist for businesses that are looking to relocate to Upper East Texas. Economic development organizations can help with the relocating and establishing of new businesses in the region. The state’s low taxes and minimal regulations help to make it a great place for business. There are many incentives available for businesses including the Skills Development Fund and the Texas Enterprise Fund.

If you’re considering relocating to Upper East Texas, the Texas Economic Development Connection can help. With their assistance, you can find comprehensive information about moving a business to Texas. Check out their relocation planning tool online, or contact them by phone at 214-775-0617.