Expand or Relocate Your Business in Texas

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Let us do the location

research for you......at NO COST to you!

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Your location is limiting your business growth

The state you live in has too many restrictions, and the talent pool is limited.

You are fed up with regulations that limit your ability to grow and succeed. Plus – hiring was already hard. The pandemic has made it even harder.

In fact, the cost of doing business is not just keeping you from the profits you want; it’s preventing you from making the investments into your infrastructure and people that would give you momentum.

You simply can’t do business where you are anymore.

You need to move your business to a place that will help you grow, and that has an adequate talent pool. That place is Texas! Set up a call today.

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Becoming Texan just became a whole lot easier

In a traditional model, you would pick up the phone and call local economic development offices. It’s up to you to figure out all the options. You’d comb through hundreds of city websites to get the necessary information.

Texas Economic Development Connection has found a better way. We want you to have accessible, comprehensive information about your options for moving your business to Texas. After one conversation about your needs, we go to work gathering all the data so you can narrow your choices quickly. All of this is at no cost to you as the business owner.

Set up a call today.

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Our Process

Step 1 - Connect

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Set up a call and tell us who you are and what challenges and opportunities you face.

Step 2 - Collect

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We will send a Request For Information (RFI) to our partners across the state. They will submit information about their community for you to review.

Step 3 - Coordinate

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You choose – we can set up visits and help you explore options, or you can take it from here and explore the information sent from partners, then set up your own visits.

Your Economic Guides to Texas

The Texas Economic Development Connection is a team of certified economic developers working with governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations across Texas to support small businesses ready to expand or relocate to the Lone Star State. As highly experienced corporate relocation consultants, we help companies identify opportunities in Texas cities and stand prepared to help them begin their journey to becoming a Texan.

Find Your Fit

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