In Texas, there’s the Hill Country with its rolling landscapes and vibrant wildflowers. There’s the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, offering an unexpected coastal retreat. There’s barbecue and cowboy culture, music and sports, and years of rich history. And there is also the Texas of today that is a prosperous economic powerhouse. It’s not hard to understand why so many businesses are making a move to the Lone Star State. Read on for five smart reasons to move a corporation to Texas:

It’s geographically advantageous. The great size of the great state of Texas places it perfectly in the middle of the United States. Texas is not just cattle ranches and small towns (though those happen to be great for business too). More than that, the central location of Texas makes it an ideal place for businesses that operate locally, nationally, or internationally. Being situated near the border helps Texas to boost trade and immigration, which in turn, helps to fuel job and population growth. Within the state is a powerful network of transportation. Texas has 19 ports, international trade hubs, which are essential to the Texas economy; they support hundreds of billions of dollars of trade each year. In addition to a strong system of ports, Texas has an extensive highway system and more than 300 airports, which both help to move goods and people quite efficiently. Texas is a veritable global gateway for business.

There’s an ample talent pool. The strong education system in Texas includes several prominent universities as well as a collection of great community colleges. The great news about this proximity to higher education is the ensuing access to a powerful talent pool. Moving a corporation to Texas can help connect your corporation to skilled workers. There has been a recent movement to focus on technology and innovation in Texas, but truly, the diverse workforce in Texas continues to meet the needs of businesses in many different industries. Texas invests in its working people by way of programs such as the Texas Talent Connection Grant, Skills Development Fund, and the Governor’s University Research Initiative.

It’s business friendly. Low taxes and minimal regulations tend to be a big draw for corporations that move to Texas. Moving a business to Texas can help to reduce operating costs overall. As one of the biggest, most populated states, Texas ranks as one of the least expensive when it comes to business costs. There are great incentives for business like The Texas Enterprise Fund, a large deal-closing fund. Some other incentives include: Event trust funds, the Texas Enterprise Zone Program, and the Texas Small Business Credit Initiative. Texas continues to make strategic investments in its businesses.

The economy keeps booming. Year after year, Texas has been one of the fastest-growing states. Its robust economy is powered by a plethora of Fortune 500 companies as well as millions of small businesses. Compared to nations of the world, the Texas economy ranks as the 9th largest. Texas has emerged as a major producer in the oil, gas, and renewable energy sources; the state’s energy industry supports many jobs and generate billions of dollars each year. While the energy industry has been key to fueling growth in the Texas economy, there has been expansion into other industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Diversification of industries has helped to keep the economy stable and steady as it grows. The fast-growing population has also contributed to the economic powerhouse that is Texas. The influx of new residents equates to more demand for housing, consumer goods, and services, all of which are great drivers of the economy too. Moving a corporation to Texas can give your company plenty of growth opportunities, with access to new markets and customers.

A great quality of life is great for employers and employees. Affordable housing, excellent healthcare, a mild climate, and an abundance of recreational activities in Texas can help to both attract and keep top talent at your company. All the great offerings in Texas—sports, entertainment, outdoor activities, travel opportunities—help to create a positive work-life balance for corporate employees. Texas is home to about 90 state parks, more than 70 working ranches, miles and miles of rivers, and more than 7000 lakes. Another plus: The people of Texas are known for their hospitality and warmth, which makes it easy for residents—new and old—to feel connected to the community.

Companies from all over the United States are heading to set up shop in Texas. Are you looking to move a corporation to Texas? The Texas Economic Development Connection is available to help you make great business decisions when moving your business to Texas. Set up a call to find out more about how the TexasEDConnection can help your corporation get settled in just the right Texas community for you.