Texas is a lot of things: big, bustling, beautiful. From El Paso to San Antonio, you can traverse mountains and prairies or rivers and caverns. Head southeast, and you’ll come upon the great Gulf Coast region of Texas. This section of coastal Texas is made up of 13 counties that cover 13,900 square miles. When you relocate to the Texas Gulf Coast, you are moving to a place with some of the best business opportunities (and some of the best beaches) in America. Read on for some great reasons to relocate to Texas Gulf Coast:

Coastal Living: Despite its 32 miles of beaches, Galveston County isn’t just a vacation spot. Set along Galveston Bay, it’s an ideal place for tourism. It’s also a great location for industries. Some coastal towns like Jamaica Beach have seen a resurgence. It’s a place for island living on the Texas Gulf Coast. With a rich history and a renewed economy, Galveston Bay is an ideal setting for living, working, and playing.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Seated along the southeast coast, the Gulf region is conveniently connected to national and international destinations. Its proximity to four airports as well as railways, ferries, and four port cities make it a transportation hub unlike any other. Interstate 45 also runs through the region; this freeway connects cities from the Gulf of Mexico all the way north to Dallas – one of the major transportation hubs in the country.

Recreation: Of course, beaches and boating are popular activities along the Texas coast. There are plenty more activities to keep you busy around the region. Find success saltwater fishing in the Gulf for red fish, flounder, and spotted seatrout. Visit Moody Gardens and its amazing structures—the Aquarium, Rainforest, and Discovery Pyramids. And Galveston Island, with its varied ecosystems, is perfect for bird and wildlife watching.  

Small Towns Abound: From the cozy, coastal golf cart and boating community of Clear Lake Shores to the “settlement of friendly folks” in Friendswood, plenty of local towns are ideal for relocation. Hitchcock, the gateway to the Golden Gulf Coast, boasts a low cost of living, a rich heritage, and plenty of economic opportunity. The Gulf Coast’s business friendly climate is an ideal setting for corporate relocation, and its charming towns are great for employees and families who make the move too.

Higher education is here: Opportunities for higher education (and for hiring educated workers) are great along the Gulf Coast. The region boasts 8 universities, more than a dozen community colleges, and half a dozen health science schools. Rice University, a STEM powerhouse is in Houston, and Sam Houston State University, a great name in Texas education, is located in Huntsville.

Ideal setting for industries: Houston, a leader in aerospace, energy, and oil and gas, is well known as the Gulf Coast’s economic center. However, the region’s business communities have surged with growth in the industries such as petroleum and coal, products manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and machinery manufacturing. As always, there is room for growth in business too.

Business Incentives:  For companies relocating to Texas, many local agencies in the Texas Gulf Coast region offer business relocation and expansion assistance. The Texas Economic Development Connection has been helping companies relocate to Texas for decades, and it can help you find a community that best suits your needs.

Explore more, and take a quiz to learn more about planning to relocate to Texas with The Texas Economic Development Connection’s Relocation Planning Tool.