When you’re running a company, you have plenty of things on your to-do list each day. In addition to your daily business, you’ve got to manage accounting, bills, personnel, and all the details that go into business ownership. One of the things to manage when running a business in Texas: all the business incentives that your company can benefit from. The Texas Economic Development Connection is the state’s leading economic development agency and a great resource for information on business incentives in Texas. Read on to learn more about why working with TexasEDConnection is the best way to find Texas business incentives.

They’ve got the expertise. The TexasEDConnection has decades of experience with helping businesses to find and secure economic development incentives. The Texas Economic Development Connection includes a team of certified economic developers. They work in cooperation with government agencies, chambers of commerce, and local economic development organizations throughout the state of Texas. These experts help companies to identify great Texas business incentives in many different Texas cities and can help walk through different options and incentive programs that may be ideal for your business.

They know people. The Texas Economic Development Connection is—well—connected. They have a strong network of relationships with state and local economic development officials throughout the Lone Star State. This helps to allow for access to key information on incentive programs.

They’re matchmakers. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, the TexasEDConnection can help secure grants, incentive packages, and tax abatement offers that can help you identify the right incentive programs and in turn, reduce costs for your company.

They’re experienced in all different industries. Texas has historically been known as a state full of oil and agriculture towns, but the burgeoning economy has brought many different industries to the Lone Star State. The Texas Economic Development Connection has experience working with business owners who work in industries like information technology, telecommunications, banking, transportation, and more.

They know what to look for. Will your company qualify for support from the Skills Development Fund, a premier upskilling program in Texas? Would the Texas Enterprise Fund be a better fit for investments in your business? Will you plan to relocate to a Texas Enterprise Zone for the benefits that it can provide? There are many statewide incentives in Texas, and many counties or cities offer local business incentives as well. With the TexasEDConnection, you have a team who knows what benefits are available to your business and how to best access these incentives. If you’re considering expanding or relocating your business to Texas, The Texas Economic Development Connection can help you find the economic development incentives that will help your business to be successful.

They know where to look. Texas is quite a big state, and there are so many different regions. The TexasEDConnection can help you to discover which region is just right for you. Are you looking to settle in the Metroplex, with access to an urban area and conveniently located near suburban neighborhoods? Or perhaps Northwest Texas or the Upper Rio Grande are more suited for your business needs. Each region has a different personality, and each offers different resources and strengths. Wherever you’re looking to build your business in Texas, the experts at the Texas Economic Development Connection can help you figure out an ideal location.

They have a tool for that. The TexasEDConnection has created an online tool to help business owners to find just the right place in Texas for their company. You can check out their Relocation Planning Tool here. This 5-minute survey can help you to figure out which Texas regions might best suit your business needs.

Talk to real people. After you’ve done some footwork—researching and planning online—it will be so helpful to speak with someone who is familiar with the business landscape in Texas. You can call the Texas Economic Development Connection at 214-775-0617 to connect with a real human and to ask questions that are specific to your business needs.

They’ve got the best price. Working with the TexasEDConnection comes at no cost to your company. Its services are free for businesses.

They’re in the right place. Favorable tax rates. A desirable quality of life. Employment opportunities and a skilled workforce. The business benefits in Texas. The experts at the TexasEDConnection want you to make great business decisions when it comes to moving your business to Texas. When you’re figuring out all of your details, working with people who live and work in Texas is essential, and the team’s economic developers represent cities throughout the whole state.

Let them be your guide. You may need financial assistance as you set up a business in Texas. The Texas Economic Development Connection can help you with finding the best place and the best business incentives in Texas. They offer accessible, comprehensive information that will help you with finding great incentives for your business. Check out the Texas Economic Development Connection to find out more.