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Your Business’s Guides to All-Things Texas

The Texas Economic Development Connection is a team of certified economic developers working in cooperation with governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, and Economic Development organizations across Texas to support small businesses ready to expand or relocate to the Lone Star State. We help companies identify opportunities in Texas cities and stand ready to help them begin their journey to becoming a Texan.

Helping Small Businesses Expand or Relocate to Texas

Let us guide you in finding your next home in Texas and help you secure the financial assistance needed to make a move to Texas.

Expanding or moving a business can be challenging and expensive. And Texas is a big state. Our experts provide the market intelligence needed to help owners limit their risk and maximize their ROI when deciding where to locate in the Lone Star State. We know the state of Texas economic development landscape and are well versed in the economic incentive marketplace.

Choosing the right trail boss

Texas ED Connection is led by experienced certified economic developers and Texans who’ve spent their entire career helping connect businesses to communities across the State of Texas. Every trail drive started with choosing the right person to help lead the endeavor. When you choose Texas EDC to help guide you in relocating to Texas, you are getting experienced trail bosses who will help you every step of the way. Our team will save you valuable time researching locations and allow you to stay focused on growing your business.

Benefits of Texas

No corporate income tax

No personal income tax

Talented workforce

Strong talent pipeline

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Global access

Predictable regulations

Predictable weather conditions

Why Texas?

It ain't bragging if it's true

For nearly a decade, corporate executives and small business owners have recognized Texas as a top state to do business. Here, you can make it, move it, and support it in a global economy at a price of doing business that allows you to stay competitive and thrive in the marketplace.

Quality of Life

Besides its pro-business climate, Texas also offers a great quality of life.

Good schools

Lower cost of living for employees

80 state parks

2 national parks

Our great state is so large, it can be a bit overwhelming for outsiders to get their minds around.

Texas is like a whole other country

We get that, and that’s why we are here to help. To start looking for economic development opportunities in Texas, it’s best to approach the challenge like you would any complicated or overwhelming project—by breaking it down.

We have broken our state into twelve regions, each one with its own distinct geographical features, personalities, and resources.

  1. Alamo Region
  2. Capital Region
  3. Central Texas
  4. Gulf Coast
  5. High Plains
  6. Metroplex
  7. Northwest Texas
  8. South Texas
  9. Southeast Texas
  10. Upper East Texas
  11. Upper Rio Grande
  12. West Texas

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Mount Up

It’s time to mount up and move out. Let our economic development organization guide you on your move or expansion into Texas. Register your project today with our team and let your trail drive to Texas begin.

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