Every day, hundreds of business owners are making a decision to relocate to the Lone Star State. Here’s what you need to know about 9 companies moving to Texas.

Major corporations and small businesses alike are making the decision to make the move, attracted by the low taxes and pro-business environment. The reasons and the configuration of those moves are as varied as the companies themselves – read on for just a few of the companies moving to Texas and how they are doing it.

Caterpillar: The world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives moved its corporate headquarters from Chicago to Irving, Texas this year. The company already had a strong presence in the state, but chose to move its global headquarters “in the best strategic interest of the company.”

Allegheny Technologies: Now known as ATI, this specialty metals manufacturer moved its corporate headquarters from Pittsburgh to Dallas. The company’s manufacturing and employees continue to operate in Pennsylvania.

DarkPulse: This technology security company moved its national headquarters from New York to Houston in early 2022. While it maintains a manufacturing location in Arizona, the company relocated from New York and relocated UK employees to its new headquarters. Plans were in place to hire an additional 50 employees in the new location.

Elite Advanced Polymers: With plans to expand operations, Elite moved from Ripley, MS to Plano, Texas in 2022. The company “aims to build its corporate team from the strong talent pool in the area.”

Sovereign Flavors: This beverage development and flavoring company built a new 80,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Kyle, Texas, moving their headquarters from Santa Ana, CA. Sovereign Flavors will also have their manufacturing, quality assurance and research and development departments in the city south of Austin.

Aviatrix: With plans to expand from 50 employees in Dallas to more than 200, this Silicon Valley tech firm recently moved its operations to Dallas.

Cuisine Solutions: Known for sous vide and other innovative cooking solutions, Cuisine Solutions moved its headquarters from Alexandria, VA to San Antonio after opening the world’s largest sous vide plant near the Alamo City.

Gordon Ramsay North America: In 2021, the celebrity chef relocated his North American restaurant headquarters from Los Angeles to Irving, TX. Gordon Ramsay choose Las Colinas, a 12,000-acre planned community that is home to more than 200 restaurants and 31 hotels.

Tesla: One of the most talked about companies moving to Texas is Tesla. The electric car company moved its headquarters from Palo Alto, CA to Austin. Tesla’s headquarters will be located inside the Gigafactory, a massive manufacturing hub that stretches to 2,500 acres and more than 10 million square feet of factory floor.

Whether you are CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation or the owner of small family run company there’s room in Texas for you. If your company would like to join the numerous companies moving to Texas, contact TexasEDConnection for a free consultation with our team of economic developers.