There are many reasons that companies all over the country are determining that Texas relocation is the best path forward. Low taxes, a lower cost of living and a business-friendly environment are just a few of the many motives attracting businesses to the Lone Star State.

If you’ve been contemplating a move for you and your company, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan and prioritize.

  1. Identify if will be relocating your business to Texas or opening a new location in Texas. Either one can be beneficial, but it can be helpful for your planning to decide which one makes the most sense for your situation.
  2. Think about your timeline. Is this a move you’ll be making in the near future – such as within the next six months or is this something you are planning for the long-term. Even if you haven’t quite figured out when to make the move, you can still decide if it’s a good idea to move your business to Texas.
  3. Determine what your physical needs are. Do you want to buy an existing building or build something custom? Will it need zoning for a commercial business or industrial? How many square feet does your business require?
  4. Narrow down what industry your business – or potential business – will be involved in. Texas welcomes a wide range of industries, but knowing where you fit will be a smart move before you decide where your business fits.
  5. Analyze your employee needs. Will you be encouraging your existing employees to move to Texas with your business? Or will you be hiring from the Texas workforce? Or will you be using a combination of both?
  6. Identify what type of lifestyle you – and your family – are looking for. Texas is vast – and it offers vastly different environments. Do you prefer living in an urban environment, with its fast-paced lifestyle and wealth of things to do? Or would your family prefer a rural lifestyle with room to spread out and experience nature? On the other hand, plenty of places to live in Texas offer the best of both worlds – close enough to a big city to enjoy its amenities, but far enough away that you can enjoy the slower pace of life available in the suburbs.
  7. Determine why you are considering Texas relocation. Is it the tax incentives and the access to labor? Or perhaps it’s the great school districts in Texas and its family-friendly lifestyle. Do you need to be close to nature or are transportation options key to your relocation?

Once you’ve answered those questions and narrowed down your priorities, determining your next steps to Texas relocation should be easy, especially with the assistance of the experts at TexasEDConnection. Our team will use your answers to narrow down the perfect location for your business, incorporating your priorities to create a list of perfect Texas cities or towns that meet you and your company’s needs. Click here to get the process started or call us at 214-775-0617 to schedule a no-cost consultation.