The motivations for moving a business to Texas aren’t all economic. Consider the quality of life that’s available in a big, beautiful place with country communities, bustling cities, and so much more to offer. Read on for 9 incentives to move a business to Texas:

Great state, great talent pool: A growing population, 37 public universities, and 50 community college districts all combine to contribute to the quality of one of the greatest natural resources in Texas: its people. There’s a strong workforce in Texas. The state ensures that talent is sustainable by implementing programs such as the Skills Development Fund and the Governor’s University Research Initiative.

Small and Big Business friendly: Texas has a booming economy. While this state has of course been famous for traditional industries like oil and gas and agriculture, the economy has opened up to host many new industries like digital technology, automobile production, and information technology. The state has had the most new and expanded corporate facility projects in the nation for the last decade.

Innovation incubator: Usually, Silicon Valley is the place you think of when you consider tech and innovation. But the landscape of innovation is changing, and much of it is moving to Texas. Advanced tech and manufacturing, aerospace, aviation, and defense, as well as energy are all thriving in Texas. Startups have also been making headway in the business-friendly Lone Star State.

Tax benefits: Texas boasts a climate that benefits businesses and employees alike with no corporate or personal income tax. There are also many beneficial programs for businesses who are relocating to or expanding in Texas, such as the Texas Enterprise Zone program. This particular program encourage investment in and job creation around economically distressed regions.

Resources for Relocating a Business: For business owners, making connections is key. The Texas Economic Development Connection offers owners, CEOs, and project managers the opportunity to speak with experienced economic developers who represent cities throughout Texas. This can help with the hunt for just the right location of your new business home.

Wide open spaces: In Texas, owning your own plot of land can be a dream come true. Buying land in Texas remains affordable and accessible. There are properties for sale all over the state, including areas near major cities like Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. There is land for ranching, homesteading, or just living a simple country life. And if you happen to prefer city life, there are plenty of metropolitan hubs in Texas too.

Affordable homes: Although real estate all over the nation has increased in price, Texas homes hover at an affordable average price of $315,815 (according to Zillow). For business owners and their employees, that’s great news. Texas also has lower costs for food, rents, healthcare, and utilities.

After work, there’s tons of fun: From Destiny’s Child to the (Dixie) Chicks, Texas is the home state of many famous music artists. And you’ve likely heard great things about the music scene and nightlife in Austin. But all over Texas, music venues are making their mark.  The Festival Concert Hall in Roundtop has some of the best acoustics in the nation. Ballroom Marfa in West Texas was built from an old dance hall, and launches some great new artists onto the national scene. The Granada Theatre in Dallas, built in 1943, continues to bring movies and live music to fans in that city. Once you’ve put in some hours at the office, it’s not hard to find great live entertainment in Texas.

Perfectly located: When you live in Texas, you’re not quite an East Coaster or a West Coaster, you’re actually, well, Texan. The prime location of the great state of Texas makes it ideal for business with great accessibility, proximity to port towns, and international connections. Nearly 400 airports in Texas help to make traveling for business or pleasure a breeze.

While moving your business to Texas will be an exciting adventure, know that there is help available in order for you to succeed. The Texas Economic Development Connection can help you on this journey.  Check out the Relocation Planning Tool online, or contact the Texas EDC at (214) 775-0617.