Forbes magazine says that ten states make up the top ten places that are seeing their residents hightail it out of town to take up residence in Texas. They include: California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Can you blame them for moving? Texas has a big, booming economy that has been marked by amazing growth in recent years. Texas is not just good for business; it is fantastic for families. Whether your reasons are budget-based, focused on a new home, or just looking for a new way of life, there are plenty of new hometowns in the Lone Star State to consider for your move. Read on to learn about some of the major reasons why so many families are moving to Texas.

Lower cost of living. According to data from Sofi, the average cost of living in Texas is $45,114. As of 2022, Texas ranked at the 15th lowest cost of living in the country. Although some more urban areas in the state tend to trend up with higher costs of living, there are plenty of great suburban choices for families moving to Texas. (Check out Odessa, Midland, McAllen, or Amarillo if you want to see some real examples of the lower cost of living in the Lone Star State.)

City life and country life. Since being incorporated in 1845, Texas has maintained its prowess as an agricultural powerhouse. In more recent years, the cities in Texas have experienced major industrial growth in many sectors. That said, there are many different options when it comes to families choosing a place to settle down in Texas. West Texas offers plenty of small towns to choose from, while the Gulf Coast boasts towns like Galveston Bay for coastal living. There are also ranches, suburbs, lakeside homes, and plenty of other ways of life to settle into in Texas.

Home, home on the range. Housing prices are quite affordable in Texas, comparatively speaking. When compared with East and West Coast home prices, it seems that buying a new home in Texas is an attractive choice for families. Central Texas—home to universities like Baylor and Texas A&M, Bluebell Creamery headquarters, and plenty of burgeoning industries—is a great choice for families looking to settle—while paying a reasonable home price—in Texas.

Solid school systems. According to, Eanes Independent School District in Austin ranks as the best in Texas. South Texas ISD in the Rio Grande Valley consistently ranks as one of the top school districts in the state, and it has all-magnet schools and a strong scholastic reputation. If you’re a family considering relocation to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, check out the schools around Fairview. McKinney and Lovejoy ISDs serve Fairview, and both excel as examples of exemplary education.

Higher education opportunities abound. For families with college bound kiddos, there is something known as the Top 10% rule in Texas. If a Texas student graduates in the top 10% of their class at a high school in Texas, he or she will be granted admission to most public universities in Texas.

Tax policies. More commonly, taxes may be a major consideration of CEOs and business owners; there are plenty of business tax incentives throughout Texas. But taxes can affect families and their way of life as well. Texas is one of the handful of states that doesn’t impose a state income tax on its residents. This benefit adds to that lower cost of living that families in Texas can enjoy.

Lots of family fun. Visit the animals at The San Antonio Zoo. See what’s under the sea at The Dallas World Aquarium. Go hiking in the Hill Country. Check out some real-life rockets at the Space Center Houston. And be sure to check out the fabulous play spaces and parks throughout the state. There are so many ways to enjoy some good old-fashioned family fun in Texas.

Sports are a way of life. In Texas, you can catch a game of traditional Texas Friday night lights football or college sports games, see nine innings of the Rangers or Astros, cheer for 48 minutes of Mavericks or Spurs basketball, or even get tickets to some major league soccer or NHL hockey matches. All of these spectator sports can be an inspiration for your kids; Texas has many great communities that include solid recreational youth sports programs.

Warmer weather. Texas can get toasty in the summer, but the winters are pretty mild. Texas truly does take its residents through the seasons throughout the year. Many families moving to Texas from the Northeast are attracted to the mild climate in the Lone Star State.

Is your family considering a move to Texas? There are many great resources at your fingertips that can help you as you think about relocating to Texas. The Texas Economic Development Connection offers a great Relocation Planning tool to help you discover the best Texas town for your family.