Making a move to a new state can be daunting. But there is much to love about Texas that makes it a great place to relocate. From food to fun, affordability to diversity, the Lone Star State will have its new residents settled in well in no time. The state’s population is right around 29 million, and it’s welcoming many more new residents. Moving to Texas might be the greatest adventure of your lifetime. Here’s what your employees should expect if you are moving to Texas:

  • Housing is affordable. According to Texas A&M’s Real Estate Research Center, housing prices in Texas have seen a bit of a downward trend, and the current median price is $342,000. This is higher than pre-pandemic home prices, but if you’re coming from California or New York, Texas homes have some pretty attractive price tags. New homes and communities continue to be built throughout the state.
  • You can still have a day at the beach. Maybe you’re making the move from a coastal region, or you’re worried you won’t be near the water. Luckily, many regions of Texas boast beautiful waterfronts. There are desirable destinations if you need some beach time in Texas such as Galveston, Boca Chica, Matagorda Bay, or even Lake Austin.
  • Warm, welcoming communities. Most people are familiar with big cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas, but the great state of Texas is home to many small towns that are great places to live. The Texas Economic Development Connection works with businesses to help navigate their relocation process. In turn, they help find the best communities for companies and employees alike.
  • Diversity is part of the infrastructure. The 2nd largest state happens to hold some other high rankings when it comes to diversity. Texas ranks as the 2nd most diverse state in the country, and it is 3rd in linguistic diversity. Texas takes first place when it comes to diversity of industry—with its booming economy growing in so many areas like energy, tech, agriculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing.
  • Culture comes in many forms. While you might think of country music and cowboys when you think of Texas, this state is also home to many sights to see such as the Houston museum district, the Space Center, assorted botanical gardens, the Alamo, the Dr. Pepper Museum, and three presidential libraries.
  • Find your favorite food and drink. Chili is the state dish of Texas, but you don’t have to settle for cowboy dinners when you move to Texas. While you are sure to find some great steakhouses in Texas, a few local cities have become home to some great foodie scenes in the US. But don’t skip the foods that were founded in Texas like: Blue Bell ice cream, frozen margaritas, and Frito pie.
  • Make your move easy. Get organized before you relocate by making a checklist for all the things you’ll need to update with your move. For example, you’ll need to register cars, get a Texas driver’s license, and get those Texas plates. As a new Texas resident, be sure to register to vote. Update your address with the US government, and notify insurance companies about your new state of residency. Whether you are using movers or packing yourself, prepare for a warm Texas welcome.

The Texas Economic Development Connection offers a comprehensive relocation planning tool and many other resources for businesses that are moving to Texas.