If you are going to relocate in Texas, you have some decisions ahead of you. Here are three questions that should be given priority.

Where do you want to go? This is one of the most important questions that you’ll need to answer before you relocate in Texas. Where you live – and where your company is located – will have far-reaching implications for how you view Texas and how successful your move is.

We don’t need to tell you that Texas is big. It takes two days to drive across the state from east to west and driving from north to south can take up to 12 hours – and that’s without traffic. What many people don’t realize is how diverse the Texas environment can be. West Texas is dry with a high desert ambiance of scrub brush and tumbleweeds. East Texas features piney woods. Southeast Texas is vast plains with bayous near the coast. The Texas Hill Country features rolling hills and oak trees. In the Texas panhandle you’ll find big skies and a horizon that stretches to forever.

Topography and terrain aren’t the only considerations you’ll need to factor into your decision of where to relocate in Texas. Do you want to be near a major airport? You’ll want to be close to one of the state’s major metropolitan areas. Are you hoping to be close to professional sports or major cultural institutions? Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin or San Antonio are good choices. Do you need inexpensive land and minimal municipal regulations? Your solution may be somewhere further away from the major metro areas.

Why do you want to move? The Texas business – and population – boom is legendary. Businesses from all over the country are eager to find their place in the Lone Star State. There’s an array of reasons, but the most popular are the affordable cost of living, the business-friendly regulations and the low tax rate for both companies and individuals. Determining which of these reasons makes the most sense for you and your company will help determine where you should relocate.

Will you be hoping your employees will relocate as well? Moving your workforce from out of state may present a series of complications and decisions. Will they want to move? If so, will your company cover relocation expenses? Will you move only key employees?

Announcing a company move to Texas may surprise you with how many of your employees want to move with you. The lower cost of living in the state has been attracting new residents for decades – Texas has become one of the fastest growing in terms of population.

On the other hand, if you will be hiring from the Texas workforce, you’ll find well-suited employees eager for the new opportunities available with the companies moving to the state.

As you answer these questions, you’re bound to discover even more. The specialists at Texas EDConnection are ready to help. Contact us today at 214-775-0617 to schedule a no-cost consultation and we’ll help you relocate to Texas successfully.