Podcasts first came on the scene around 2004. Back then, users would download files from the internet and listen to them on their iPods. Now, just about two decades later, there are millions of podcasts available for listeners on all kinds of topics such as true crime, investigative journalism, comedy, self-help, education, sports, and of course business. Business podcasts are a great way to learn about navigating the corporate world; they explore ideas and trends in things like marketing, networking, entrepreneurship, sales, finance, leadership, and more. These business-focused podcasts can help listeners to stay current with business growth and trends; podcasts can also provide inspiration and motivation. Locally based business podcasts particularly can help local businesses to connect with their community. If you’re moving to Texas, read on to learn more about the best Texas business podcasts to listen to.

Texas Business Minds Podcast: Business mentors are an essential part of success. They can provide guidance, support, advice, skills, knowledge, and wisdom that comes from experience. If you are planning to move your business to Texas, you might want to listen to some powerful mentors on the Texas Business Minds podcast. This weekly podcast from The Business Journals of Texas features interviews with leaders from around the Lone Star State. It focuses on the insight and inspiration needed for businesses in Texas to grow. Will Anderson, the managing editor of the Austin Business Journal interviews different business leaders each week, providing valuable, Texas-based business insight. Podcast guests have a range of backgrounds from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs.


Gone To Texas: The business-friendly environment of Texas features a low cost of living, a large and skilled workforce, and excellent infrastructure. Gone to Texas is aptly titled to appeal to those who may be moving their business to the great state of Texas. This official podcast of the Texas Economic Development Connection shares stories of business owners and CEOs who have relocated or expanded their business to the Lone Star State. The goal: to use these stories as a guide to help others who have “Gone to Texas” seeking bigger and better business opportunities. “Super” Dave Quinn, a Certified Economic Development Professional and podcast host, founded the Texas Economic Development Connection in 2020 to help reduce the cost and stress that business owners face when they relocate or expand to Texas. Quinn is well known for helping to connect business owners with professional economic developers throughout Texas, giving business owners access to valuable resources.


At the Table: The restaurant industry is a major driver of the state’s economy. Texas restaurants employ more than one million people, generate significant tax revenue, and help add to the great culture of Texas. At the Table, a podcast from the Texas Restaurant Association, brings restaurant owners, operators, and industry leaders together to discuss some of the latest trends and challenges facing the restaurant industry in Texas. Each episode features a panel discussion with restaurant experts who share insights on topics like trends in food and beverage, business-owning challenges, and customer service. The Texas Restaurant Association works to protect, advance, and educate in the restaurant and food service industry in Texas. At the Table is informative, engaging, and entertaining. It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges facing the restaurant industry in Texas.


Texas Real Estate: The Texas real estate climate can vary depending on which location of the state you’re considering. However, in many areas of Texas, the market is bustling. The Texas Real Estate podcast can help bring you up to speed on all things real estate and investing in Texas. Podcast hosts Jason Bible and Robert Orfino talk about their journey in real estate investing in Texas as well as topics like flipping, lending, banking, money, and finance. Tune in to learn about trends in the Texas real estate market, tips for buying and selling, and hear stories from other Texas real estate agents and investors.


Aggie Growth Hacks: When Texas A&M opened in 1876, it specialized in education for agricultural and mechanical studies. Now, there are A&M Aggies with business savvy in all sorts of industries. The Aggie Growth Hacks podcast features interviews with successful Aggie Entrepreneurs to find out exactly what growth hacks they have implemented to grow their business. The podcast is hosted by two Texas A&M alumni who are passionate about entrepreneurship. It covers topics like starting a business, raising capital, marketing, hiring, and managing with a truly local-to-Texas feel.

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/aggie-growth-hacks podcast/id1501598722

Get even more local: The 5 podcasts listed give great insight into the Texas economy. There’s a few more local podcasts that get more in depth on a community level and give listeners a good glimpse of small town (and big city adjacent) Texas life.

Getting Neighborly: This official community podcast for the town of Fairview is hosted by the Fairview Economic Development Corporation. On each episode, the hosts take time getting to know neighbors and sharing stories that help to make Fairview a true community. Check it out at www.gettingneighborly.com.
Heart of Melissa – https://www.heartofmelissa.com
Burleson – https://burlesontxedc.com/our-team/btx-bizcast
My Rowlett – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/my-rowlett/id1646698158

There is so much to consider if you’re moving to Texas. You’ll need to consider communities to live in, schools to attend, and a home to buy. Moving your business to Texas can be made easier with all of the knowledge and info from these Texas business podcasts. Hit the ground running in the Lone Star State with help from the Texas Economic Development Connection, a team of certified economic developers who can help you to expand or relocate your business to Texas. Identifying opportunities in Texas is their specialty. Learn more here or use their relocation planning tool to get started.