You know how they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas?” Texas just keeps getting bigger. The Lone Star state has seen steady population growth over the last few years; From 2018 to 2021, nearly 1 million people applied for new Texas state driver’s licenses. Perhaps one of the most attractive things about Texas is that it offers a lower cost of living and a lower cost of doing business. If you’re one of the business owners who is considering a moving to Texas, here are some things you can expect from business relocation services.

TexasEDConnection offers comprehensive information about options for moving your company to Texas as well as tailored services to help you discover the best fit for both your business and personal life in the Lone Star State.

  • It all starts with a conversation. Take advantage of a free phone call with TexasEDConnection to discuss all the aspects of business relocation services. In this call, we will discuss your business, find out your motivations and goals for moving, and gather data so that you can narrow your choices in the great state of Texas.
  • Finding the right fit. When moving to Texas, you want to make the right decisions. The goal of TexasEDConnection is to make it simple for companies looking for opportunities in Texas to find their perfect locations. From the Upper Rio Grande to the Gulf Coast, and from West Texas to the Metroplex, there are plenty of options throughout the state.
  • A Seamless Process. If you’re considering Texas for an upcoming relocation, we offer a relocation planning tool online to learn more about how to get started and which regions may be the best fit for you and your company’s needs. For this, we consider the type of industry and the size of your business. We also take into account your desire for access to utilities and logistics like airports, railways, or major highways. Another factor to consider might be proximity to natural resources.
  • We Personalized Details. We want you to think about your personal needs and those of your employees as you relocate to Texas. What kind of Texas lifestyle do you envision? Will good school districts be important? Are you looking for an urban, suburban, or rural setting? Our goal is for you to make the right move and find happiness with the community you choose.
  • Financial Incentives. We can identify a wide range of tax incentives that will help your business make the move. And don’t forget, Texas does not have a personal state income tax.

Perhaps the location where you are currently doing business is limiting your business growth, or regulations are hindering your ability to succeed. In Texas, you can move to a place with a stellar talent pool, a great cost of living, and plenty of room for growth.

Set up a call with the Texas experts at TexasEDConnection, or get started with our Relocation Planning Tool to see what opportunities might be available to you as you consider moving to Texas.