Frequently Asked Questions About Registering A Business in Texas

If you’re contemplating moving to the Lone Star State you are bound to have questions about a whole host of issues. From education to weather and from transportation to location, moving presents an array of decisions and determinations that need to be addressed. Here are five frequently asked questions about registering a business in Texas.

Do I need to file an application? Generally, yes. If you are going to be doing business in Texas and your business was formed anywhere other than in Texas you will need to file an application with the Texas Secretary of State.

What should I name my business? If you are starting a new business in Texas, the name of your company is probably one of the many things keeping you up at night. The Texas Secretary of State has three broad requirements for business names in the state:

  • It must contain a recognized term of organization for the entity type. For instance, if your business is a limited liability corporation, that should be indicated in the business name: Move to Texas, LLC rather than Move to Texas, Inc.
  • Your business name can not contain a word or phrase that implies your business is engaged in an activity that you are not authorized to pursue.
  • Your Texas business name also needs to be unique. Once you file your application your business name will be checked against other business names in Texas to be sure there’s no overlap. You can also search the Texas Secretary of State’s website to make sure the name you want to use isn’t already registered in the state.

What if my business name is already being used in Texas? If you are relocating your business to Texas and your business name is already registered here, you do have options. Like other states, you can operate under a fictitious name. Also known as a DBA, the fictitious name you choose for your business will be governed by the same restrictions and requirements as a primary business name.

What if I don’t file with the secretary of state? If you transact business in the state without filing the required application, the consequences can be severe. They include an injunction from transacting business in state, a civil penalty and late fees as well as the inability to maintain a suit or proceeding in a Texas court.

Do I need a business license? In general, no. The state of Texas does not require a business license. However, many businesses will need to have professional licenses, depending on the type of business you are operating.

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