So you’ve decided it’s time to make a move to Texas, but you’re not sure where to start. First things first, selecting the right location for your manufacturing plant is not a simple process. It would help if you had a basic understanding of all the moving parts, including the key stakeholders, the various regulations, and the information that needs to be considered before making the final site location decision. If you don’t, you could end up costing yourself time and money during the site selection process or worse in the future. This short guide will help give you the basic knowledge needed to navigate this significant undertaking. 

In this blog series, we will guide you through five basic steps to help you make the correct location decision for your business.

The Process is the Most Important Part of Your Journey

Every relocation or expansion project is different, but each one requires a deliberate and meticulous evaluation process. One that ensures that the new location can meet the company’s current and future needs. You will need to assess factors such as labor quality, labor cost, utility capacity, and costs, availability of real estate, tax climates, supply chain networks, natural and other risk considerations, incentives, and transportation infrastructure. Creating a process to quickly and efficiently evaluate these factors will help you avoid the risk of “paralysis by analysis” or, as my dad used to say, “Study long study wrong.” 

Below we outline a process that will help guide you through analyzing various details related to the different sites under consideration. The best place to start is to know what you want or need for your business to be successful. Identify the critical criteria that you will judge each site on so you can compare apples to apples. There will be no perfect site, so the decision will come down to the place that offers the most favorable options while reducing the negative attributes associated with the project site. 

Gathering and Sorting

Like a farmer gathering vegetables and then sorting them to meet the customer’s needs and wants, you will start by gathering information on several sites. This can be done quickly and efficiently by completing the Community Connection form. Our team will take your request and communicate with our partners to identify possible matches for your project. 

Once you have the results, you can begin the sorting process to identify the available sites that best match the essential criteria you outlined. This, in turn, will guide you to a shorter and shorter list of potential locations. To get started, follow the links below.