Besser Pro, an axle manufacturer for trailer applications, has purchased the former Winfield facility in the NW Industrial Park in Paris, Texas. Besser Pro acquired the 30,000 square-foot building after determining the Paris location would be a good fit for their workforce and logistical needs.

In September, the PEDC finalized an agreement with Besser Pro to provide an option on 14 acres of PEDC land in the NW Industrial Park. This agreement will provide Besser a means to expand their operation and was another factor in their decision to choose the industrial park. Besser Pro now shares the over 150-acre industrial park with Atmos Energy and American SpiralWeld Pipe.

“It was a clear decision to offer a land option to Besser Pro in support of their future growth and expansion in Paris and Lamar County,” says Maureen Hammond, executive director of the Paris EDC. “The Dycks are a great, entrepreneurial-minded family and their investment in our community supports a strong, growing industry in trailer manufacturing.”

Besser Pro will join a large and continually growing part of the business community in Lamar County as a manufacturer in the trailer industry. Several high-profile trailer companies make their home in Lamar County, and with over 2,000 employees participating in this industry a significant portion of our workforce has the skills necessary for growth in this field. Besser Pro’s expansion will likely be the first of many as businesses continue to see the value of Paris and Lamar County as an excellent place for their expansion

Besser Pro’s CEO Willy Dyck states, “The PEDC has a strong vision of growth and improvement in the business environment in our community and has been nothing but helpful and supportive in our endeavors. We are truly excited to launch this venture and look forward to playing our small part in the continued growth of Paris and Lamar County.”

This operation will be adding great jobs to Paris. Besser Pro’s initial investment in Paris will involve an estimated 30 new full-time employees with an average wage of at least $18 per hour. With the PEDC agreement in place over the next year, it is possible that the operation will grow to include more employees and an expanded footprint in the NW Industrial Park. While much of the acreage in the NW Park is now occupied by businesses, the PEDC still currently has 60+ acres available in the NW section of town as well as an additional 116 acres in the Gene Stallings Business Park for potential businesses looking to locate in Paris.