If you are considering a move to Texas for your company and are planning to bring your employees with you, the impact on those employees may be a major concern. Here are just a few of the many reasons your employees will love Texas relocation.

Great Schools: Not only is Texas known for great universities, including the University of Texas Austin, Texas A&M, Rice University, Texas Tech, Southern Methodist University and Baylor University, the state is also home to award-winning grade schools where students are supported and encouraged.

Family Focused: Not only are the schools in the state better than average, but your employees with families will also discover that the schools are very often the center of the community. Particularly in smaller towns, parents will discover that the school sports and activities are widely supported.

Friday Night Lights: Speaking of school sports, high school football has a mystique in Texas like nowhere else. Every Friday night, the stands are full and friendly, and the support is enthusiastic.

Benefits of Texas Relocation include a variety of activities

Things To Do: There’s always something to do in Texas. From wine tasting in the Hill Country to parasailing in South Padre and from shopping in Dallas to spelunking in east Texas, this vast and varied state offer something for everyone.

Varied Environment: A frequent refrain heard from first-time visitors to Texas is “this isn’t what I imagined Texas to be like at all.” That’s no surprise when you consider how diverse the topography and landscapes are. Texas’s regions include piney woods, vast plains, deserts, beaches, rolling hills and of course, major metropolitan areas.

Outdoor Activities: Texas has long been an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. With hundreds of miles of coastline, an array of bays and bayous, plus dozens of lakes, rivers and creeks, it’s no wonder that fresh and salt water fishing, boating, kayaking and stand-up paddling are popular activities. The state is also home to nearly 100 state parks, historic sites and natural areas where hiking, camping and exploring are widespread.

Culture: Culture in Texas is not all cowboys and football. The state is home to world-class museums and performing arts organizations. As you would expect, the major cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston are all home to their own major and regional theatres along with resident ballet, symphony and dance companies. But you will also discover innovative and engaging community theatres and orchestras in many of the state’s smaller cities. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in the shadow of a skyscraper in the largest city or under the stars in the smallest burg, you’ll find live music just about everywhere in Texas.

No State Income Tax: Just like the favorable tax rates for businesses, employees will discover that the tax rate in the state benefits their budgets as well. In fact – as you may have heard — Texas has no state income tax, a fact which has enticed thousands of new residents to the state.

Special Events: From concerts to festivals, special events abound throughout the state of Texas. The Houston Rodeo, Austin’s SXSW and the State Fair of Texas in Dallas all attract hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world, but the state is also known for smaller events.

If you are contemplating Texas relocation, your employees will find plenty to celebrate about the move as well. For more information, set up a call with Texas Economic Development Connection today.