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Still have questions about this Texas Economic Development Connection and how we work to help you as a business owner? Well, partner, you found your way to the right watering hole. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see one that fills your cup, contact our team today, and we’ll help you get the answers you are requesting.

  1. What benefit(s) does TexasEDConnection offer Business Owners, CEOs, or Project Managers? The opportunity to speak with a seasoned economic developer representing cities throughout the state eliminates the costly and time-consuming hunt for your new business home in Texas. We make learning about communities ready for your business easy, so you’ll spend fewer precious hours searching on your own.
  2. What makes the benefits of working with the TexasEDConnection valuable? Deciding to relocate or expand into Texas is one thing. Finding the right place to do it is something entirely different. We understand time is money, and with just one phone call, we take you through a step-by-step process to identifying your needs, the space required, and anything that might create potential incentive opportunities for your project. We then gather information from our community partners based on this information and deliver the results right into your email inbox. No searching for contact information, no trying to sift through countless community websites for details. Just one call.
  3. What problem does the TexasEDConnection help me solve? Texas offers so many great options trying to sort through them all can be an overwhelming task. You can spend hours and hours looking on the web without finding the needed information to help you make a decision. You risk missing out on possible incentives because you don’t know who to ask or how Texas’s economic development system works. Or maybe you talk to the wrong city and don’t realize there is a community next door that would have been a better fit and helped you offset some of the relocation or expansion cost.
  4. How do we solve this pain point created by many options? We add value by removing the guesswork of relocating your business to Texas. We allow you to quickly convey your needs and desires and receive options based on those needs delivered straight into your email inbox. You will receive incentive coaching and logistical help when planning your site tour.
  5. How is TexasEDConnection uniquely positioned to resolve your pain point? TexasEDConnection connects you with economic developers across Texas willing and waiting to help you relocate or expand your business to Texas. Our extensive network, years of background in economic development relocation in Texas, and our sincere desire to help business owners like you succeed combine to create a perfect partner for you in your journey to Texas.

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