How to Relocate to Texas

Texas - the #1 State for Business

We Know Texas

For more than 30 years, our team members have helped companies expand or relocate to Texas. Either through regional groups or individual cities in Texas, our team members have spent their careers helping businesses move to and grow in Texas. Now we have come together on behalf of our partners to help you connect with a Texas community best suited to help you grow your business. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your project and then we’ll help you find the communities that could be a great fit for you and your business.

Our Story

How it Works

Site selection and incentive gathering- We help your business identify Texas communities with the resources you need to operate in Texas.


You complete the form


We contact you and qualify your project


Based on your information, we issue a request for proposals to our partners on your behalf and under a code name


We collect the RFPs and send them to you for review

At this stage of the game, you can choose to have us continue helping you coordinate communications with the communities or you can contact the communities directly. Either way, we’re happy to serve and help you in any way we can.

Bluebonnet, The Texas State Flower


Streamline your efforts and save company resources with efficient site location planning.

Moving is hard and choosing the wrong city could be costly. We help you connect with the right community for you and your business from day one.

The service is absolutely free thanks to our valued partner communities.

We help you save time and money by sourcing several site options and incentive packages with a single contact.

We keep your identity confidential until you’re ready, saving you precious time.

Time to heat up the bricks

Let our team get to know you and help guide you on your move or expansion into Texas. Register your project today with our team and let your journey to Texas begin.

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