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Companies moving to Texas tap into a deep talent pool with over 875,000 workers employed in manufacturing roles across specialized areas, including automotive, semiconductors and electronics, and chemicals. The National Association of Manufacturers ranks Texas as the nation’s second-largest manufacturing workforce. From 3M to GM, companies also choose Texas for its high-value cost of business and access to domestic and global markets. Companies can ramp up operations quickly in the Lone Star State with local and state competitive incentive programs, including the nation’s largest deal-closing fund, the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF).

About This Industry

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing industry employs 869,000 people in Texas or 7.1% of all nonfarm workers as of August 2020
  • Texas has led the nation in exports for 18 straight years—with $330 billion in goods exported in 2019—and in tech exports for seven years.
  • Texas is a right-to-work state and has production occupation wages 5% below national rates with low unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation rates.
  • Texas has its own power grid, providing nonstop reliable energy at a reasonable cost to power your manufacturing processes.
  • Chemical manufacturing has been one of the most rapid growth categories, and the performance of this industry is supported by Texas’ large petroleum industry.

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The Texas Economic Development Connection is a team of certified economic developers working in cooperation with governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, and Economic Development organizations across Texas to support small businesses ready to expand or relocate to the Lone Star State. We help companies identify opportunities in Texas cities and stand prepared to help them begin their journey to becoming a Texan.

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