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Farming in the Age of Cool Technology

There is constantly growing global pressure on food producers to meet the world’s demand for crop production. The shift toward precision farming techniques is becoming vital because of the ever-changing circumstances. The state of Texas has its hard-working roots in agriculture. Our team can help you identify the regions of Texas that may be best suited for your type of agricultural-related project. We welcome crop production, animal production, food technology, bio-technology, agri-business, and value-added agriculture projects. We are on the forefront of advanced technology in agriculture, so whether you want to just put your seeds in the ground, feed your animals in the pasture, or make some fantastic salsa, we have the perfect home for your business in Texas.

About This Industry

Now more than ever, innovation is critical to modern agriculture. Your need for an environment steeped not only in agriculture but in access to technological breakthroughs that can support future production needs that meet the transparency and sustainability demands of today’s consumers.

The growing investment in agriculture technology ($6.7 billion) points to huge opportunities in the space if you correctly position your company. Smart Farming isn’t just a dream anymore, it’s a must. New advancements in technologies ranging from robotics and drones to computer vision software continue to transform modern agriculture.

While you may think only large companies can take advantage of this growth, you’d be wrong. Our team specifically helps small businesses with 10 to 150 employees seek community partners ready and willing to help the business grow in Texas.

Combine our deep-rooted history in agriculture production with a strong education base, an infrastructure providing global access, and an extensive network of universities and colleges that drive workforce supply and innovation spread across every region of Texas, you have the ideal environment to grow your agriculture-related business and compete in the 21st century. Not to mention the lost cost of production thanks to our commitment to creating a sustainable power capacity to meet the demands of our business community.

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